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Hey Duggee Smart Tablet


With 5 activities, the Hey Duggee Smart Tablet encourages learning about colours, numbers, shapes, letters, characters and badges.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3 – 5 years

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The touch-sensitive screen makes exploration fun and easy to follow. Duggee lights up when questions are asked which relate to the characters and themes from the hit TV series.

The toy asks questions which encourage the child to listen and then select the most suitable option. Topics introduced are recognising numbers 1 to 5, letters A to E, 5 different shapes, 5 colours, 5 characters from the show and 5 Squirrel badges!

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Additional information

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions205 × 35 × 235 mm

What our testers said

“C for cake, that’s easy mummy.” – Boy aged 4

“Balloon is red.” – Boy aged 2

What our experts think

This Hey Duggee smart tablet is light and sturdy and great for encouraging little ones to identify different shapes, colours and numbers. Our testers liked that all the Hey Duggee characters were featured on the tablet, as it really engaged the children who were Duggee fans.

The children enjoyed pressing the buttons and listening to the characters talk – this is fantastic for teaching cause and effect at this age. Little ones also learn through repetition so as they repeat pressing the buttons to get the desired reaction, they learn about how things work. The tablet was also good in this way as the children repeated lots of words which helps them to practice speaking and sounding out letters.

Skills developed

– Promotes colour, shape and number recognition

– Helps encourage children to sound out letters

– Teaches cause and effect logic

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